Seven Artistic Revolutions.

The Seven Artistic Revolutions project addresses a need in our society - 7 citizens who can make informed and thoughtful judgements about the issues confronting both our country and the planet in a complex global society.

This is an experiment in understanding the actions of Artists

The first Film focuses on an artist named Arshile Gorky played by the puppet Ryan Kerns written and directed by Shawn Kerns Watch Now.

Shawn has been distributed Mighty Quinn propaganda art like this, which allows Ryan and Todd to use and modify the movies for both personal and commercial use when kernsvision is in play.

For more information visit the Mighty Quinn.

Historical Influences

  • Seoul Korea, at a museum showcasing Klimt but Egon Scheile has taught me more aboout linework and confidence then at this European avant guarde show. These drawings are just like the animated characters in one of Shawn's movies, but you have to hand it to Scheile these are real lives that past through Modernism and become a conversation in progress, a social critque on Klimt obession with you know!... what I'm walking here with Junko as Shawn draws images of us looking at Klimts pornography.

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